First and Foremost and made known Upfront: I am a lady whom BELIEVES in discretion. Not to mention I have been properly versed in the art of linguistics. Therefore I refuse to use the 'trailer trash vocabulary " that is so widely used from the 'trash disguised as professionals ' who are out there.

And since it is a FACT that common sense isn't so common and there are 'those' in which you must:

"T-H-E....C-A-T... J-U-M-P-E-D....O-V-E-R...T-H-E-...F-E-N-C-E...."!

The following terms are synonymous: Erotic Modality, Upscale Accommodation, Upscale Amenity, Full Pleasure Accommodation.

These terms are the closest that my well refined mouth can speak when it comes to stressing and defining that in which YOU THINK every time you see an Absolutely Gorgeous Blonde and WHAT you want her to do to you "Erotically Speaking".

Yes, these terms mean THAT! And seriously if you don't have a CLEAR comprehension by now then please don't call me for my Upscale Services.

Upscale Terms Defined