Service F.A.Q.



Open Your Mouth and Say Ahhhh.....

1)  Does Tristyn Elizabeth Provide A Full Body Professional THERAPEUTIC Massage? Yes

2) How Do I Know This? She brings her table (with exclusion to my Daytime No Table Special), due that NO PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L is COMPLETE WITHOUT ONE!

3) Does Tristyn Elizabeth Provide Escort/Executive FULL PLEASURE Hostess Services? Yes, this is what she is SPECIFYING when she Refers to Erotic Modality.

4) Are my Exclusive Services Above All others, and Why? Yes, my services are above all others due to the fact that I provide you with the complete package that includes both therapeutic, and erotic at UPFRONT COSTS, and with this being FACT, speaks volumes concerning my Integrity, Values, and Moral  Standards

5) With this BEING FACT ask Yourself This: Do I want to take my chances elsewhere with an untrained individual that is being dropped off by "PIMP" (Reason that they incur no parking fee's)

6) Flash/and Dash (Reason for Low Rate, to get in door THEN rip you off, and unless you comply they will make PROBLEMS by lying to front desk, saying that you are doing illegal drugs, and attempted to rape them)

7) Non-Professional (Reason That They Don't Have A Massage Table)

8) No Name - No Reputation (Reason They Don't Have a Professional Website, and only possess a Pre-Paid Disposable Phone)