I  am a currently Licensed Massage Therapist aka LMT, previous Elite Model. Yes, once again for those of you who KNOW, same company as Cindy Crawford Herself!

Yes, I have BOTH a Personal LIFE, and like YOU a Professional LIFE therefore, LIKE you NOT going to PLASTER My Gorgeous, and Intellectual Face all over the place.

I am world traveled, and have had the delight of MANY Famous clients desire to JET me around on their tab. I will say this, some ladies receive tips, I have received a Diamond Engagement ring from just ONE Massage, yes, what does this say concerning all that I am, and all that I offer?  EXACTLY!

Due to my Upscale Level of Discretion I need not discuss, nor disclose my Established Associates.

Due to the FACT that I Have my "Own Brilliant & Spectacular Presence", I need not 'showboat' due to the fact that unlike others who have 'attitude' I have "Personality", "Intellectual Personality" to be exact.

Simplistically Put: I am a Tall Gorgeous Silky Platinum Blonde haired Beauty. My hair is  to mid back, with legs up to my neck & a succulent Red Lipped Mouth that refuses to stop when strategically placed.

I am  Drug Free, Drama Free, and ONLY wear  Designer.  Just because I am 'economical' doesn't mean that I am  CHEAP in any way, shape, or fashion.

I look to Providing You with a Once in a Lifetime Experience, one in which you remember as you are laying on your death bed READY TO MEET THE BIG MAN IN THE SKY!

That's the Best way that I can put it. Other than this, I come from the Highly Intellectual  side of the Military.

Yep, in my world, there was NO excuse for anything less than PERFECTION.  I will just put it this way, and those of you who know, KNOW that  when growing up, ya didn't get told twice, RIGHT, EXACTLY.

So now ya know my stringent upbringing that left absolutely no room for anything less than the BEST.  Know this: If I am too exhausted to Provide Perfection, I will TURN YOU AWAY for you to reschedule at a different time, due that I REFUSE to attempt, yet fail at Perfection.

I say this for those of you whom have offered me astronomical amounts of money, begging me PLEASE.

And to that I say NO! It is my reputation, I literally wouldnt be able to live down the guilt, and DEEPLY appreciate your understanding.

I Have received my formal education at RainStar Academy that was previously located in Scottsdale, specifically Old Scottsdale Road. I lived in Scottsdale, specifically 68th & Camelback. "The Phoenician" was my backyard, and "Fashion Square" was my front yard. Yes, as those of you who KNOW, Exclusivity.

I am currently in Chicago, yet moving to Las Vegas within MOMENTS. In which my established clientele will receive my Delectable , Upscale, All Inclusive Therapeutic & Erotic Sensation Packages.

Regarding Who I Am

Once In A Lifetime Experience That I Provide

About Me

My Formal Education & My Erotic Sensation!


Regarding My Sensual Side

Yes I include 'Erotic Modality" with each of my Investment packages. I possess toys, table, tongue, and provide all that your dirty little mind could contemplate I am a SANITATION FREAK, yes I openly claim it, and get aggravated at those of you who disrespect it.

Yes, when I first enter your room I WASH my HANDS, and change my clothing, NO you will NOT rush me into some 'room' like Skippy the damn Sailor.


My Formal Education